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Rebate Adjustment Sample Clauses

The Contracting Officer will evaluate bids based on the estimated pounds of serviced laundry stated in the solicitation. Prospective offerors may inspect the types of articles to be serviced. Failure to offer on any item in a lot shall be cause for rejection of the offer on that lot.

In paragraph , insert the percentage representing the difference between the sum of the percentages inserted in paragraph and 100 percent. 2 Offeror identify the standard steel mill item to be used in the manufacture of the contract item.

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Detailed plans and specifications are usually prepared by an architectural/engineering firm which oversees the bidding process on behalf of the owner. The final bids are normally submitted on either a lump sum or unit price basis, as stipulated by the owner.

Violation of any provision of this part, or of any other law applicable to the business of service warranties, in the course of dealings under the license or appointment. The rebating schedule shall be uniformly applied so all consumers who purchase the same service warranty through the sales representative for the same coverage shall receive the same percentage rebate. Service warranty associations are subject to service of process in the same manner and subject to the same terms, conditions, and fees as apply to insurers under chapter 624.

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Unless approved by the Contracting Officer, the Contractor shall not produce a design or specification that requires in this construction work the use of structures, products, materials, construction equipment, or processes that are known by the Contractor to be available only from a sole source. The Contractor shall promptly report any such design or specification to the Contracting Officer and give the reason why it is considered https://accountingcoaching.online/ necessary to so restrict the design or specification. The term “works” as used herein includes literary, musical, and dramatic works; pantomimes and choreographic works; pictorial, graphic and sculptural works; motion pictures and other audiovisual works; sound recordings; and works of a similar nature. The term does not include financial reports, cost analyses, and other information incidental to contract administration.

Rebate Adjustment Sample Clauses

Any such transportation company, or any officer, agent or servant thereof, who shall order or require any person in its employ to purchase any uniform or other clothing or apparel as aforesaid shall be deemed to have required such purchase as a condition of such employee’s continued employment. In any action under this section for the recovery of such damages, the court shall have the power to award a reasonable attorney’s fee in favor of Rebate Adjustment Sample Clauses the prevailing party, which fee shall be taxed as costs against the losing party therein. The law includes a number of provisions to increase access to child care, including an additional $15 billion through Sept. 30, 2021 for the Child Care and Development Block Grant that could be used specifically for health care and other front-line workers, regardless of income. In addition, the law creates a new optional Medicaid covered service.

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Damages due the Government under the provisions of this warranty are not an allowable cost. The Purchaser agrees to assume all costs incident to the demilitarization and to restore the working area to its present condition after removing the demilitarized property. Property requiring demilitarization shall not be removed, and title shall not pass to the Purchaser, until demilitarization has been accomplished and verified by a Government representative. Demilitarization will be accomplished as specified in the sales contract. Demilitarization shall be witnessed and verified by a Government representative using DRMS Form 145 or equivalent. For large sales, the Contractor may use summary lists of items offered as bid sheets with detailed descriptions attached.

Rebate Adjustment Sample Clauses

Upon completion of the authorized litigation support activities, destroy or return to the Government at the request of the Contracting Officer all litigation information in its possession. “Forensic analysis” means the practice of gathering, retaining, and analyzing computer-related data for investigative purposes in a manner that maintains the integrity of the data. “Adequate security” means protective measures that are commensurate with the consequences and probability of loss, misuse, or unauthorized access to, or modification of information. The Contractor shall provide access to the site and shall cooperate with DoD officials in the assessment of vulnerabilities to IAEA inspections or visits. The Contractor shall protect the information against unauthorized release or disclosure. Unless waived, the prohibition in paragraph of this clause applies for not less than 5 years from the date of conviction. Rebate Adjustment.On the Effective Date of this Agreement, the Bank of Canada’s prime rate will be set out in the Rebate Calculation section of this Agreement.

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The law allocates not less than $100 million for OSHA, of which $10 million is for Susan Harwood training grants and not less than $5 million is for enforcement activities related to COVID-19 at high-risk workplaces, including health care, meat and poultry processing facilities, agricultural work places and correctional facilities. The law eliminates the Medicaid drug rebate cap (previously, this was set at 100% of the average manufacturer price), with an effective date of Jan. 1, 2024.

This post provides a comprehensive overview of common types of rebates and use cases, tips on putting rebates to good use, and suggestions for avoiding the common commercial and administrative challenges rebates can pose. Because if you are not using customer rebates, you’re probably giving customers larger discounts than they deserve. Price rebate best practices ensure that rebates deliver the desired price, volume, and mix and that the complexities of rebate administration do not outweigh the commercial benefits. The target business financial statements must be audited for the most recent year “only to the extent practicable,” and earlier years need not be audited if they were not previously audited.

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For example, if the sender originally provided a credit card as payment for the transfer, the remittance transfer provider may issue a credit to the sender's credit card account in the amount of the payment. However, if a sender initially provided cash for the remittance transfer, a provider may issue a refund by check. For example, if the sender originally provided cash as payment for the transfer, the provider may mail a check to the sender in the amount of the payment. Same facts as in ii., except that the receipt provided by the remittance transfer provider does not reflect additional fees that are imposed by the receiving agent in Colombia on the transfer. Because the designated recipient will receive less than the amount of currency disclosed in the receipt due to the additional covered third-party fees, an error has occurred. The number of remittance transfers provided includes remittance transfers in the prior calendar year to that designated recipient's institution regardless of whether the covered third-party fees were estimated for those transfers.

Rebate Adjustment Sample Clauses

The provisions of chapter , Laws of Florida, which amended provisions of this part shall be construed as clarifying legislative intent as to the status of persons regulated by the part as insurers. Refusal, suspension, or revocation of license or appointment of salespersons. Grounds for discretionary refusal, suspension, or revocation of license or appointment of salespersons. Grounds for compulsory refusal, suspension, or revocation of license or appointment of salespersons. 2.Example illustrating when exact amounts can and cannot be determined because of the laws of the recipient country. 3.Examples of scenarios that do not qualify for the temporary exception.

As a result, using wage information provided in Table 1, the Department estimates costs of $133.9 to $401.7 million, with a primary estimate of $267.8 million, in the first year and $12.4 to $37.2 million, with a primary estimate of $24.8 million, in years two through five following publication of the final rule after adjusting for overhead and benefits. With a reduced price used to adjudicate the benefit, patients with coinsurance or deductible plans will likely experience reductions in cost-sharing for rebated brand-name drugs at the point of sale. Because of actuarial equivalence requirements in the Part D program, patients with fixed co-payments may also see changes in their cost-sharing at the point of sale outside of the deductible, coverage gap, or catastrophic phases of their benefits.

The contracting officer shall ensure that data used to support price negotiations are sufficiently current to permit negotiation of a fair and reasonable price. Requests for updated offeror data should be limited to data that affect the adequacy of the proposal for negotiations, such as changes in price lists. Certified cost or pricing data are not required for proposals used solely for overrun funding or interim billing price adjustments. The exercise of an option at the price established at contract award or initial negotiation does not require submission of certified cost or pricing data. Not include in a contract price any amount for a specified contingency to the extent that the contract provides for a price adjustment based upon the occurrence of that contingency.

“Basic termination liability” means the nonrecoverable cost amortized in equal monthly increments throughout the liability period. Recurring charges for services and facilities shall, in each case, start with the satisfactory beginning of service or provision of facilities or equipment and are payable monthly in arrears. For nontariffed services, the Contractor shall charge the Government at the lowest rate and under the most favorable terms and conditions for similar service and facilities offered to any other customer. Contractor personnel who do not have proper and current certifications shall be denied access to DoD information systems for the purpose of performing information assurance functions.

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Persons who have a lease of fraternal or benevolent lands for a period of ten years or more or for life have eligible title. A mother deeds her property to her son and retains a life estate interest in it. She goes to live with her daughter and her son lives on the property. Until the life estate interest is removed, only the mother has an eligible ownership interest.

Contracting officers shall not require certification at the time of agreement for data supplied in support of FPRA’s or other advance agreements. When a forward pricing rate agreement or other advance agreement is used to price a contract action that requires a certificate, the certificate supporting that contract action shall cover the data supplied to support the FPRA or other advance agreement, and all other data supporting the action. In arriving at the amount due for penalties on contracts where the submission of defective certified cost or pricing data was a knowing submission, the contracting officer shall obtain an amount equal to the amount of overpayment made. Before taking any contractual actions concerning penalties, the contracting officer shall obtain the advice of counsel. The Government’s cost objective and proposed pricing arrangement directly affect the profit or fee objective. Because profit or fee is only one of several interrelated variables, the contracting officer shall not agree on profit or fee without concurrent agreement on cost and type of contract. In evaluating assumption of cost risk, contracting officers shall, except in unusual circumstances, treat time-and-materials, labor-hour, and firm-fixed-price, level-of-effort term contracts as cost-plus-fixed-fee contracts.

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