250+ Skills for Your Resume and How to Show Them Off

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2) A good percentage of bosses don't want to hire people smarter than they are (those are the bad bosses, but that's still a good percentage). I know of many very successful people who "know the routine" to do a high level job but are essentially as dumb as shit. I just ran across your blog and I find it clear, concise, approachable, and enjoyable, which I probably would not were you to write using a journalistic approach rather than in a conversational tone. Using a conversational tone does not denote ignorance or a lack of seriousness. Quite the contrary – it shows an understanding of your audience and a drive to clearly communicate your message.

Do You Capitalize the First Word of a Bullet Point?

Companies that use these types of assessments include McKinsey & Company, the CIA, the Department of State, and 89 of the Fortune 100 companies. ANY personality type can be successful IT Cost Reduction: 5 Ways to Cut Expenses in ANY profession. Myers-briggs, or any other personality measurement, doesn't predict success. There is so much more behind performance than one's personal disposition.

The short answer is that most ATS systems are able to read and parse PDF files. However, there are a few considerations to keep in mind when using PDFs in your job application materials. Never underestimate the importance of including metrics on your resume, as recruiters expect to see accomplishment-driven bullet points that demonstrate your value-add. When adding metrics to your resume, be sure to put them into context for your readers, helping them understand exactly why a given metric is relevant or impressive.

I agree that it would be pompous and irritating if someone were to bring it up every five minutes and constantly talk about their Mensa membership. However, I do think it is the sort of achievement that one should be able to include on their CV without being considered as a “boaster”. It’s not so much the piece of paper that matters, it’s the fact that you didn’t have the self-discipline to finish what you started. It suggests that you are unpredictable, impulsive, and don’t necessarily start what you finish, all traits which are major turn-offs to prospective bosses. Despite this, I continue to be judged by companies because I lack a piece of paper signifying a college education even though I am BOTH educated and experienced. Your aptitudes can demonstrate a capacity to perform a job well, but the person who may hire you needs proof.

If you can't do all 3 these things, better leave it off. As a professional services firm, we take your reputation seriously. We are committed to delivering writing excellence and superior service while operating with integrity and discretion.

putting iq on resume

Now, if I know someone is a Certified MBTI consultant, I would have no reservations about sharing my type. They would know that the issue then is about my ability to https://forexaggregator.com/ flex my type rather than fitting a certain mold. Have an upvote, because I hate people who downvote for no reason. Another +1 for no hobbies and interests section.

Internships - but only if you have limited work experience.

And if you don’t have much career progress, write two or three lines that tell a recruiter where you are and where you’re going professionally. If the job you’re applying for is not local, excluding your current address will help you avoid confusion. This resume style is most popular amongst job seekers in business and finance. Again, the most important pieces of information are prominent thanks to professionally-looking headings. Generally a skills section lives at the bottom of a resume.

If you can’t think of how to write a resume without lying, then you are in trouble. It may seem like a small thing to exaggerate to make yourself look more capable, but one day you will have to face the music. You should research the company you want to apply to if you are thinking of adding an image of yourself to see if it would be acceptable. When considering how to write a resume in the United States, be aware that it is not customary to add a profile picture. Your exact address, especially if you are not applying for a local job.

putting iq on resume

They often appear as “required” or “preferred” skills, qualifications, or experience, but you should also note any hard skills you’d need to perform the job duties or responsibilities listed. Scuba diving is a hard skill, but only relevant to very specific jobs. Remember, hiring managers are reviewing your resume with the job you applied for in mind, so keep your skills section at least tangentially relevant to avoid the dreaded “Why did they apply for this? Putting your hard skills in a skills section will ensure they’re easily seen by anyone reading your resume.

Where on the Page Should My Skills Section Go?

You may want to look for indicators for any given job. Some job specifications specifically say "highly intelligent" or similar, for which you'd presumably want to include it. If you see things like "good team player", "work well with clients" or really anything tending towards social interaction, saying you're in Mensa may be looked upon negatively .

If your academics were poor, it's best to just not mention your GPA and simply state the degree you obtained, and from which institution. Don't make a big fuss over it, or you may come across as arrogant - as you correctly mention. Most people in software development are pretty intelligent, there is a selection effect. I'd assume that no less than 20% of software developers and related people would be in the top 2% of the general population, intelligence-wise, and thus qualify for Mensa. So Mensa may not be all that unique in the crowd you are running with. You can decide for yourself what's true or not, but there are a lot of smart high IQ people in the world.

Example Hard Skills for Your Resume

(And you seem to be having some WoW-related problems here.) A potential employer who screens based on academics may not even read your CV to the point where your Mensa membership appears. I can tell you that, for me, having Mensa on a resume would act as somewhat of a negative from a hiring point of view. I deal with and hire highly educated and highly capable people almost exclusively , and this would not be a good indicator of a team player in my estimation. @reirab I didn't say "where you can be terrible at dealing with people".

My Involuntary Sabbatical (AKA… that time I got Laid Off)

Keywords are important, but that doesn’t mean you should cram every last thing in here. Pay particular attention to skills that are relevant, but haven’t necessarily been part of your daily job. Perhaps you took an online course on how to use InDesign or independently studied web design and HTML for your personal website.

Your skills section is a list of your best skills. When considering what to put on a resume, skills are the most important. Your education section is also written in reverse-chronological order, with your most recent degree appearing first. If you're a fresh graduate, it's more than okay to list your internships. In fact, that's when they should go on your resume.

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